Since early 2014 Anytrade is involved in marketing and sales research for textile and carpet products to various European countries.

During September 2013, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Mr. Norov has been invited by us to the North of the Netherlands. Several companies in the Agricultural sector have been visited.

During August 2013, we made a visit to the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Brussels.

Mr. Willem Haagsma
Chairman of the Exportclub Drenthe
Director of Anytrade
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During May 2013, Anytrade participated in the Agricultural Fair in Tashkent, Agrominitech.

In 2013 we opened our office with our local team in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

During November 2012, we invited the president of Agroleasing Azerbeidjan to the North of the Netherlands. We visited several companies in the agricultural sector.

In September 2012, Anytrade BV, invited several Dutch Agricultural Companies to join us on a visit to Uzbekistan, we were invited bij the Government of Uzbekistan.

During May 2012 we were host to a agricultural delegation from Uzbekistan in the North of the Netherlands. Three companies presented themselves( Dacom, Dubex and Rovecom). We visited a large farm in the neighbourhood of Emmen.

During April 2012 we invited the Ambassador and Economic counsellor of the Embassy of Uzbekistan to Dacom BV in Emmen. We informed them about the Agro Yield Management systems on Disease control, water and irrigation management systems.

Anytrade is involved in agricultural related products. Before, during and after the growing season we supply machines, know how and support. Seed products, crop protection systems, planting and harvesting machines, storage, cooling warehouses and packaging machines.

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